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Bangladeshi cuisine: Recipes


Bangladeshi cuisine (Bengali: বাংলাদেশের রান্না) is the national cuisine of Bangladesh. It is dominated by Bengali cuisine and has been shaped by the diverse history and riverine geography of Bangladesh. The country has a tropical monsoon climate.Rice is the main staple of Bangladesh and is served with a wide range of curries. Sublime Bangladeshi dishes exhibit strong aromatic flavors; and often include eggs, potatoes, tomatoes and aubergines. A variety of spices and herbs, along with mustard oil and ghee, is used in Bangladeshi cooking. The mainbreads are naan, paratha, roti, bakarkhani and luchi. Dal is the second most important staple after rice. Fish is a staple in Bangladeshi cuisine, especiallyfreshwater fish, which is a distinctive feature of the countrys gastronomy. Major fish dishes include ilish (hilsa), pabda (butterfish), rui (rohu), pangash(pangas catfish), chitol (clown knifefish), magur (walking catfish), bhetki (barramundi) and tilapia. Meat consumption includes beef, lamb, venison, chicken,duck, squab and koel. Vegetable dishes, either mashed (bhurta), boiled (sabji), or leaf-based (saag), are widely served. Lobsters and shrimps are also often prevalent.App Bangladeshi cuisine: Recipes has many popular recipes. Those are as follows:Beef SamosasIndian Fish CurryButter Lamb GravyAuthentic Bangladeshi Beef CurryBengali Chicken Curry with PotatoesIndian Mustard FishPrawn Malai CurryEgg and Potato CurryAdipoli Parathas